Methamphetamine Decontamination

What is Methamphetamine and how can it affect my home?

Methamphetamine (meth) exposure to a home can leave behind a host of chemicals in the walls, floors, carpeting and ceilings. This includes homes where meth is made, or in homes where meth is smoked.  This dangerous residue consists of a number of toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, lithium and iodine and even meth itself. These are all highly poisonous substances to humans, especially to children and older adults whose nervous system is fragile. Exposure to the slightest amounts of these substances can result in damage to the central nervous system, liver and blood production in an individual. The health hazards from meth contamination exposure are numerous. If you suspect meth has been used in your home or rental property you should have the property tested.  A home meth lab or party hang out can cause a great deal of damage to a home and can render it unlivable.  Detection can be difficult because residue from meth may be invisible. Having a property analyzed and assessed is imperative when exposure may have occurred.  Most real estate agents will tell you, that testing is the only way to be sure.  A test will show if there are any chemicals present and the concentration of those levels in the home.  Currently CDPHE has recommended protocols and guidelines for cleanups, but they have let us know that they expect to have revisions to those guidelines and new training procedures put into place for the upcoming year.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has been working with a professional industrial hygiene firm in the development and promulgation of Colorado’s methamphetamine regulations, as well as revisions to current Colorado statutes regarding methamphetamine cleanup.  Up until now they have had recommendations and guidelines which we follow along with additional testing after a cleanup to ensure a safe environmental living space after remediation.  We have been told that a significant new revision is anticipated by the end of November, 2014.