Lead Based Paint Removal

Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is hazardous to humans if inhaled or swallowed. It was used in a number of building materials such as paints, solder in plumbing fixtures and can be found in batteries and other items as well. Lead is toxic to humans and has been restricted in manufacturing in the United States.

Exposure to lead can create many ailments and can including memory and concentration loss, high blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, and fertility and reproductive disorders in adults.  Lead is even more hazardous and dangerous to children. Their bodies are still developing and lead exposure can affect them for life.  If exposure to lead is not detected early and treatment given, children with high blood lead levels can have prolonged learning disabilities into adulthood, behavioral problems, stunted growth and permanent brain damage.

MJB Environmental Services Inc. is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm.  Certification #NAT-58416-1 issued on June 10, 2010. We can take care of your lead abatement needs.